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 **First Class Decks is in no way affiliated with TimberSeal, LLC.  Our recommendation is simply provided based on years of working in the field with TimberSeal, LLC and the satisfaction of our clients.

Indiana Deck Cleaning and Sealing

Indiana Deck Cleaning and Sealing – 219-548-2670


Upon the completion of your deck, be it wood or composite, your deck will still require periodic maintenance cleaning and possibly sealing staining and sealing depending on the material.  Composite decks accumulate the dirt and grime just like any other surface and should be washed twice a year to remove these substances from the surface and keep optimum appearance.  This reduces any possibility of staining, fading or discoloration in the surface from the general dirt, debris and general fallout we see day to day here in Indiana.  Wood decks will require periodic cleaning as well to remove the dirt and debris and sealing every few years to provide protection from the elements.  If you choose to perform this service yourself we highly recommend the use of penetrating oil finishes to preserve and beautify the wood vs. any water based acrylic products.  Above all we highly recommend you DO NOT use any finish you cannot see through such as solid decking stains.  These coatings are non-permeable and do not allow the wood to breathe.   Because of their inability to breathe, solid or heavy film based finishes generally will peel and blister over a short period of time requiring a significant amount of maintenance to keep up with them.  To summarize… if it looks like PAINT it will peel and trap moisture in your deck.  Transparent oil finishes are the best for the wood and the easiest to maintain.

While 1st Class Decks builds the best deck you can get in the Midwest we do not provide the maintenance services.  For professional service and optimum results and protection for your deck (wood OR composite) we recommend you call TimberSeal of Valparaiso, Indiana for your deck maintenance staining and sealing needs.  TimberSeal has been in business for over 18 years and can provide a maintenance plan to maintain your deck and keep it look great for years to come.  They also back their work with a warranty.  Visit TimberSeal online at or call toll free 1-866-WOODCARE (local:  219-548-2670) for more information and let them know First Class Decks sent you for a 10% discount on services.


Indiana Deck Refinishing Company

Indiana Deck Refinishing Company