Why 1st Class?

What separates us from the other deck companies?

Ideas and Design


1. Evaluate and design

  • Free in-home consultation
  • Our licensed general contractor will help design each customers custom detailed project based¬†upon budget and needs
  • Discuss codes and requirements for your city or town

2. Sign the contract

  • Customer will sign a contract that details all construction to be performed
  • Submit down payment of 1/2 estimated value

3. First Class will obtain all permits and appropriate licensing for your particular city or town

  • Our contractor will draw to scale your custom project showing layouts, fasteners used, footings, and proper elevations to obtain a building permit for each customer

4. Secure a date for installation

  • After the town or city notifies 1st Class Decks of permit approval, an installation date will be set to begin the construction phase

Construction Phase

1. Installation of proper footings

  • At 42″ below grade
  • Pour concrete for footings
  • Call for first inspection

2. Framework

  • Construct framework with proper lumber sizes
  • Use proper fasteners
  • Call for second inspection

3. Installation of decking materials

  • Install customers choice of decking materials

4. Installation of railings

  • Railings and spindles installed to proper height and spacing

5. Construction of steps

  • Built to proper rise and run to code

6. Installation of added options

  • Pergola
  • Boxing
  • Benches
  • Or any other added options

7. Final inspection

  • City or Town will be called to perform final inspection to obtain occupancy
  • Final payment due

8. Maintenance Recommendations